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Dalian, P.R.CHINA
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Since the establishment of Wonderfeng, it has been relying on Dalian China Shipbuilding and quickly expanded into the national shipbuilding industry and became a mainstream supplier of seals and couplings. At the same time, with the continuous efforts and development of Wonderfeng's entire sales force, the company’s business is mainly distributed in the mainstream application fields of shipbuilding and ship repair, petroleum and petrochemical, fluid hydraulics, rail transit, and refrigeration technology. The mainstream market nationwide has gradually expanded to North America, Europe, and Africa and achieved corresponding results.
Wonderfeng attaches great importance to the application of different industries to products, and requires sales personnel, technical personnel, and quality control to be “one person in one” to ensure that each batch of products meets the needs of customers in different areas.
Wonderefeng meets the needs of users of daily products in various industries. At the same time, Wonderfeng attaches great importance to "preliminary technical standards and requirements, installation and after-sales services, and implements sales and technical personnel" one-to-one "service-based user-based Projects to provide a good, comprehensive service and best product application solutions. This method has been implemented for many years and has been evaluated by various industry markets and has achieved good results and achievements.
Wonderfeng attaches great importance to the skills of daily employees within the company, who are often directly connected to users, and the level of market understanding, and regularly organizes market information exchanges and training sessions. At the same time, market personnel plays an important role and constantly feedbacks the new demands of users brought about by market changes, and regularly conducts exchanges and training for the company's sales personnel, technical personnel, and after-sales service departments. Under such a model, in addition to manufacturing and manufacturing products, the import product business has also grown to a certain scale according to the demand of the large-scale user's initiative to put in use, and has become the company's second largest main business.
We welcome users of various industries to communicate with us about sealing and coupling related products, and discuss related product applications. We bring professional, stable and reliable products to users, and we also seek to find more in this field. With high exploration and development, these are inseparable from the users' support and help.