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Administrative office: 2705, block B, Times Square, Zhongshan District

Dalian, P.R.CHINA
Tel: + 86 - 411- 6699 8566

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     Wonderfeng is founded in a beautiful coastal city, Dalian, China. After nearly 20 years of brand development, we have become a major manufacturer and supplier in the domestic pipeline connection and sealing industry, and the customer group has spread throughout the industrial manufacturing industry.

In the past rich experience, Wonderfeng based on "professional design" and "manufacturing technology", market-oriented, continuous progress and innovation. Wonderfeng's R & D team selects "design products" and "manufacturing processes" according to the actual working conditions of the users, so as to meet the user's requirements for special or high standard products. This innovative ability provides the user with the best and all directional "product application" solution. Let's be competitive and creative in the industry, and provide security for all kinds of application needs of partners.

Wonderfeng attaches great importance to users' "service capabilities and experience", including business, technology, installation, after sales and logistics. Each of the relevant departments is rich in industry and professional experience, for each of the users to achieve "professional", "safety", "peace of mind".

Wonderfeng's widely cooperative customer groups are mainly concentrated in large state-owned equipment manufacturing enterprises, industry leading enterprises and high-tech enterprises, and some multinational enterprises, and most of these enterprises undertake major national major projects and scientific research, including military manufacturing. After long-term stable cooperation and development, Vodafone has made contributions to the development of the country by using its own "product" and "service".