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Domestic pipe joints


Domestic pipe joints

GL, REP, FLEX, etc.
Connecting pipe
■ Pipe connection suitable for various materials
■ Two types of axial restraint and axial shift compensation
■ Flexible, no stress connection, can be applied to the poor condition of the alignment, and different diameter pipe connection
■ No need to install the fire, can be used in the fire-fighting area
■ Vibration reduction, noise reduction function can make up for three-way displacement
■ Superior sealing and fixing effect
■ Fast installation, great savings in weight and installation space
■ Significantly economical, without special tools and installation preparation
Application for connection and repair of ships' pipelines
After the flexible connection, the stability and reliability of the pipeline are greatly enhanced. Compared with the previous year, the weight of the flange is reduced by 75%, the volume is reduced by 50%, and the noise is reduced by 60%-80%.
Application in pipeline engineering such as oil transportation, gas transmission, and water supply/drainage
The construction is more convenient, reliable, safe, and there is no need to move the fire. The wrong angles and diameters can be changed. Pipes of different wall thicknesses can be connected. The surface material of the product prevents external dripping, and four types of rubber aprons are built in to suit the requirements of different internal fluid media.
Product advantages: shock absorption, noise reduction, reliable elastic connection, quick and easy installation
Main application scope index
■ Water/Gas: Water Pipeline, Gas Pipeline, Suction Pipeline, Fire Fighting Pipe, Tank Supply Pipeline, Sludge Pipeline, Drainage Pipeline, Chemical Pipeline, Aviation Fuel Pipeline
■ Industrial production: air conditioning condensate pipeline, lubricating oil pipeline, utility pipeline, fuel pipeline, storage tank supply pipeline, ventilation pipeline
■ Construction/Floor Engineering: Domestic Water Pipeline, Fuel Pipeline, Fire Fighting Pipeline, Ventilation Pipeline, Seawater Cooling Pipeline
■ Shipbuilding/Marine Platforms: Ballast Water Lines, Fuel Lines, Fire Fighting Lines, Ventilation Lines, Seawater Cooling Lines
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