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Heat exchanger gasket


Heat exchanger gasket

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The wound gaskets for heat exchangers are mainly used for the design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a pressure not greater than 6.4 MPa. Execution standards include: JB/T4719-1992 spiral wound gaskets for shell and tube heat exchangers, GBT 29463.2-2012 gaskets for shell and tube heat exchangers. Part 2: Wound gaskets.
Heat exchanger wrap gasket main form
Shell and tube heat exchanger tube box gasket, floating head gasket, tube box side gasket outer head gasket and head gasket, according to different tube processes have different gasket form, multiple tube process is generally required in the inner ring With different forms of ribs, ribs are usually made of graphite paper on both sides of solid ribs; the ribs are welded inside the inner ring of the wound gasket, and some inner ring sealing surfaces are less than 6mm in diameter. The inner ring is used, and the basic body is produced in the same way as a standard winding pad.
■ Tube gasket: sealing gasket at the junction of the tube box flange and the tube plate or flat cover;
■ Floating head gasket: sealing gasket at floating joint between floating head flange and floating head tube plate of floating head heat exchanger;
■ gasket side gasket: floating head heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger tube plate and the shell flange sealing gasket;
■ Outer head gasket: The gasket of the connection between the outer head cover flange and the outer head cover flange of the floating head heat exchanger;
■ Head gasket: The gasket that fixes the connection between the head cover and the tube sheet of the tube-plate heat exchanger.
Performance characteristics
■ The winding surface and the flange surface of the wound gasket are tightly combined to ensure a good sealing effect;
■ In the condition of alternating temperature and pressure, the use effect is outstanding;
■ The inner ring of the wound gasket provides protection for the compressive performance of the gasket.
■ Commonly used heat exchanger metal spiral gasket metal strip: SS304, SS316, etc.
■ Metal Spiral Wound Gaskets for Commonly Used Heat Exchangers Non-Metal Belts: Flexible Graphite Tape, Teflon Tape, etc.
■ Commonly used heat exchanger metal spiral gasket steel plate, steel bar: SS304, SS316, etc.
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